15 DIY Sexy Barefoot Sandals Free Crochet Patterns

There are many styles for Barefoot Beach Sandals , crochet , bead or combined. They are such glamorous, sexy adornments for weddings or any occasions. I know you may be very skilled on crochet slippers and boots already, but if you are looking for a crochet project perfect for Summer, then you will love this knit idea to combine flip flop sole into your crochet shoes so you can wear them outside, it will be super comfy, and breathy cool even in hot days. I have shared the crochet version of DIY Crochet Slipper with Flip Flop Sole Pattern before. If you want more to crochet some house slippers for your family, you can check them out via the link, too.  Barefoot Sandals make you feel so elegant and feminine when you wear them! These are made out of thread for that lacy and light feel on your feet. Make them in different colors for different occasions: white for a beach wedding, pink for a ballerina, or in lots of colors for your yoga or dance class, or how about red for poolside like these. Great gift, quick to make and fun to wear! As it’s crochet barefoot sandals season! Nail polish isn’t the only way to dress up your feet this summer! The roundup of these patterns are all completely free. I’ve gathered the following pretty (and dare I say sexy!) You might have more ideas in mind after checking out our inspirational photos and video here.


Crochet Arachnid Barefoot Sandals Free Crochet Pattern

Arachnid Barefoot Sandals by Farrah Hodgson

Crochet Skull Barefoot Sandals Free Crochet Pattern

Skull Barefoot Sandals by The Crafty Hooker

Crochet Clones Knot Barefoot Sandals Free Crochet Pattern

Clones Knot Barefoot Sandals by Marcia Young

Crochet Bohemian Barefoot Sandals Free Crochet Pattern

Bohemian Barefoot Sandals by Chandi S

Crochet Fish Barefoot Sandals Free Crochet Pattern

Fish Barefoot Sandals by Oksana Belyaeva

Crochet Crocodile Stitch Barefoot Sandals Free Crochet Pattern

Crocodile Stitch Barefoot Sandals by Laura Tegg

Crochet Not Granny's Gladiator Barefoot Sandals Free Crochet Pattern

Not Granny’s Gladiator Barefoot Sandals by Celina Lane, More on Next Page