How to DIY Simple Big Leaf Printing

DIY Simple Big Leaf Printing

You may never think of drawing a leaf in such easy way. You can create as many colorful patterns as possible with this technique, the most important part of it is to choose a perfect shaped leaf and start your artistic power! How to make this fabulous and yet simple leaf print?

  1. Take a tray and create a hotchpotch of colors in it. (Be careful not to mix the colors completely.)
  2. Take a big leaf and put it onto the tray of paints. You can either use acrylic or undiluted water paints for this project.
  3. Stamp the leaf onto a paper or card sheet preferably white so that the colors of the print can turn out bright. Press the leaf with hands to make sure all the paint is transferred onto the paper.
  4. Lift the leaf carefully and see the magic.

Read more detailed tutorial via Kleas:

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