How to DIY Simple Mustache Cake (Video)

FabArtDIY mustache cake

This mustache cake is so cool for a little man birthday or gender reveal. Mustaches are very trendy right now and rightfully so, they make fun and quirky accessories! This cake you can create in the shape of a mustache is far easier than you’’d think from looking at the fabulous results! it’s super easy buy cutting the regular round cake and re-arrange 2 parts and decorate as normal procedure.


  1. You will need one round sponge cake
  2. Cut the cake like the above picture like a ying and yang symbol
  3. Frost! Using the tines of the fork, create “hair” on the surface of the mustache.

mustache cake for a little man birthday or gender reveal.

You can check the video tutorial on how to cut and frost via the link:

DIY: Mustache Cake