DIY Simple Paper Feather Snowflake

I know, winter is almost going away, but this feather snowflake is so fluffy, cute and easy to make, and beautiful for home decoration by layering different colors together. And we don’t need any template, just fold and cut and all are done. It’s super easy even for toddlers to get crafting. Sorry the original source is unclear. if you are the one, leave the message on Facebook and you will be credit back. Thanks for the simple and clever idea~

How to DIY Paper Feather Snowflake

We have so many DIY Christmas ornaments with tutorials that you can check them out, and make with family. And the e 3D Lacey Paper Snowflakes is just perfect for Christmas decoration or room decor for cold season that you can go check them out.

Supplies you need:

  • Paper sheet or card stock
  • Scissors

How to DIY Paper Feather Snowflake1

How to:

Fold the square paper into halfHow to DIY Paper Feather Snowflake2

Then into another half diagonally.

How to DIY Paper Feather Snowflake3

Again as we do the origami folding.How to DIY Paper Feather Snowflake5

Cut the “top” off with a circular.

How to DIY Paper Feather Snowflake6

Then cut the teeny tiny stripes with patience and care. 🙂How to DIY Paper Feather Snowflake7

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