How to DIY String Balloon Basket

DIY Festive String Ball BasketDIY-Festive-String-Ball-Basket1.jpg DIY-Festive-String-Ball-Basket2.jpg DIY-Festive-String-Ball-Basket3.jpg DIY-Festive-String-Ball-Basket4.jpg DIY-Festive-String-Ball-Basket5.jpg


These yarn string balloon ball or basket are so fabulous arranged for Christmas decorations, they are either hanged, or sit on a base, with Christmas elements inside and decorated. Love these Christmas DIY ideas, there is a tutorial on how to make the string ball basket below, and the remaining decoration work are a challenge for your creative imagination.DIY Festive Easter String Ball Basket

The original tutorial of this string balloon basket is in Portuguese, here is the translated version below: