How to DIY Weave Cardboard Bottom Rattan Basket (Video)

Weave basket

Weave-basket1.jpg Weave-basket2.jpg Weave-basket3.jpg Weave-basket4.jpg Weave-basket5.jpg Weave-basket6.jpg Weave-basket7.jpg Weave-basket8.jpg Weave-basket9.jpg Weave-basket10.jpg Weave-basket11.jpg Weave-basket12.jpg Weave-basket13.jpg Weave-basket14.jpg Weave-basket15.jpg Weave-basket16.jpg Weave-basket17.jpg Weave-basket18.jpg Weave-basket19.jpg Weave-basket20.jpg Weave-basket21.jpg Weave-basket22.jpg

Here is a great detailed tutorial on how to weave basket from rattan, if it is not easy to get rattan locally, you can use newspaper tube instead. The following is a video tutorial on newspaper tube weaving, which starts from sticking paper tubes to cardboard.

Materials you may need:

  • Cardboard as bottom
  • Rattan or Newspaper tubes
  • Glue
  • Scissors