How to Make Beautiful Four-Leaf Clover Beaded Bracelet

Four-Leaf Clover Beaded Bracelet

Make your own luck of the Irish with the Four-Leaf Clover Beaded Bracelet Pattern! If green isn’t really your color, you can still avoid St. Patrick’s Day pinches with this darling bracelet. Though it looks solid, it’s actually flexible on any size wrist. Using two different shades of green, seed beads will help the clover shape to stand out. Plus, unlike that leprechaun hat you have stashed in the back of your closet, this fun and festive accessory is subtle enough to be worn all year.

Materials you may need:

  • Crystal Bicone 4mm.
  • Seed bead
  • Nylon thread no. 20
  • Clasp and jump ringsFour-Leaf-Clover-Beaded-Bracelet01.jpg Four-Leaf-Clover-Beaded-Bracelet02.jpg Four-Leaf-Clover-Beaded-Bracelet03.jpg Four-Leaf-Clover-Beaded-Bracelet04.jpg Four-Leaf-Clover-Beaded-Bracelet05.jpg Four-Leaf-Clover-Beaded-Bracelet06.jpg Four-Leaf-Clover-Beaded-Bracelet07.jpg Four-Leaf-Clover-Beaded-Bracelet08.jpg Four-Leaf-Clover-Beaded-Bracelet09.jpg Four-Leaf-Clover-Beaded-Bracelet10.jpg Four-Leaf-Clover-Beaded-Bracelet11.jpg Four-Leaf-Clover-Beaded-Bracelet12.jpg Four-Leaf-Clover-Beaded-Bracelet13.jpg Four-Leaf-Clover-Beaded-Bracelet14.jpg Four-Leaf-Clover-Beaded-Bracelet15.jpg