How to Make Japanese Ribbon Cherry Blossom

DIY Ribbon Japanese Cherry Blossom

You may love this kanzashi cherry blossom for the coming Spring, they are so pretty for girls garment or room decoration. And it is a little challenge to make kanzashi because you need to edge the ribbon with fire, so be careful.

Supplies for this project:

  • Ribbon
  • candle and lighter
  • Scissors
  • Twizzers
  • Bead and wire
  • Padding
  • Needle and thread

DIY-Ribbon-Japanese-Cherry-Blossom01.jpg DIY-Ribbon-Japanese-Cherry-Blossom02.jpg DIY-Ribbon-Japanese-Cherry-Blossom03.jpg DIY-Ribbon-Japanese-Cherry-Blossom04.jpg DIY-Ribbon-Japanese-Cherry-Blossom05.jpg DIY-Ribbon-Japanese-Cherry-Blossom06.jpg DIY-Ribbon-Japanese-Cherry-Blossom07.jpg DIY-Ribbon-Japanese-Cherry-Blossom08.jpg DIY-Ribbon-Japanese-Cherry-Blossom09.jpg DIY-Ribbon-Japanese-Cherry-Blossom10.jpg