The Guy Puts Jolly Rancher Into Vodka Overnight, and It Comes Out So Fabulous

DIY Jolly Rancher Vodka Tutorial

Jolly Rancher, Favorite childhood hard candies for most of us; Vodka, strong alcohol for adults; When they two meet together, OMG,  so bright and pretty drinks for this trick-or-treating month!! That’s right, you can make your own candy infused vodka right at home using just Jolly Ranchers and a bottle of plain vodka into 5 different flavors!

YouTube’s Tipsy Bartender shows us the tutorial (pretty much a classy vodka palette) on how to make these 5 flavored vodkas using a bag of Jolly Rancher hard candies. You can also try experimenting with more or less candies to adjust the sweetness and flavor factor. Unwrap the hard candies of each flavor into separate bottles and pour unflavored vodka in, seal with funnel for better pouring out later, and put them in refrigerator for 24 hours. Pretty Cool and Super Easy?!!

Tipsy Bartender even showed us how to make a Jolly Rancher sour apple martini. In a cocktail shaker combine 2 ounces of green sour apple vodka with 1 ounce of sweet and sour, shake it up, pour into a martini glass, and top if off with cherries.

All come out so tasty and gorgeous to look at! And it tastes jolly rancher at first, and vodka kicks in with its burn!! Let’s see how easy you can make cocktail yourself at home, even though without the skill of bartender!!