How to Make Modern Fabric Circle Rug with Rope

FabartDIY fabric circle rug with rope

Take a look at what some rope and fabric strips can become! I love this rug in contrast color for a modern home decoration. It looks so amazing and the ideas of using clothesline wrapped with fabric is new for me, hope you enjoy this, too.

Materials you may need:

  • 1/4″ clothesline
  • fabric scissors
  • fabric cut into 2″ wide strips
  • standard sewing machine

DIY-fabric-circle-rug-with-rope01.jpgDIY-fabric-circle-rug-with-rope00.jpg DIY-fabric-circle-rug-with-rope02.jpg DIY-fabric-circle-rug-with-rope03.jpg DIY-fabric-circle-rug-with-rope05.jpg    Want to make this beautiful modern rope rug yourself? head over A Beautiful Mess for More details:

Make Your Own Rope Rug