How to Make Plastic Flower Bouquet from Egg Carton Tray

How to Make Plastic Flower Bouquet from Egg Carton/Box - beautiful flower bouquet made from plastic egg box or tray

Make Flower Bouquet from Egg Box (Egg Cartons and Trays), they are perfect and gorgeous for flower wreath door decoration or flower bouquet for wedding and home addition. The transparent plastic flowers look so great that it is hard to believe that they are recycled from plastic egg tray. It looks fabulous for Easter decorations, and great that the plastic egg tray is easily available from Costco now. You can use it directly or dye with your favorite colors (image:

Materials you may need:

  • Plastic egg box
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue
  • Bead
  • Wire
  • Tape
  • Leaves and baby breath flower

Plastic-flower-bouquet-from-egg-box01.jpg Plastic-flower-bouquet-from-egg-box02.jpg Plastic-flower-bouquet-from-egg-box03.jpg Plastic-flower-bouquet-from-egg-box04.jpg Plastic-flower-bouquet-from-egg-box05.jpg Plastic-flower-bouquet-from-egg-box06.jpg Plastic-flower-bouquet-from-egg-box07.jpg Plastic-flower-bouquet-from-egg-box08.jpg Plastic-flower-bouquet-from-egg-box09.jpg Plastic-flower-bouquet-from-egg-box10.jpg Plastic-flower-bouquet-from-egg-box11.jpg Plastic-flower-bouquet-from-egg-box12.jpg Plastic-flower-bouquet-from-egg-box13.jpg Plastic-flower-bouquet-from-egg-box14.jpg Plastic-flower-bouquet-from-egg-box15.jpg