How to Make Satin Ribbon Carnation Flower

How to Make Special Satin Ribbon Carnation

This Satin ribbon carnation flower is beautiful and layered for a beautiful addition for any sewing craft. We sometimes need ribbon flowers (Click the link HERE to learn more) to to decorate hair or outfits, and even for home such as wall canvas, or decorative cushions. The trick to make this prosperous carnation is to fold the ribbon with equal intervals and sew the bottom sides by folding intervals inwards. We can use sewing machine to do all the job. Then roll the ribbon around a paper roll (The width of the paper roll should be the same as the ribbon width). You can add a pretty button or another small ribbon flower on top of paper roll to cover it.


Fold Ribbonsatin-ribbon-carnation02.jpg

Sew the ribbon together in running stitchsatin-ribbon-carnation03.jpg

----  More DIY Ideas ----

Make a paper rollsatin-ribbon-carnation04.jpg

Glue decorative button on top of paper roll and roll ribbon around satin-ribbon-carnation05.jpg satin-ribbon-carnation06.jpg satin-ribbon-carnation07.jpg satin-ribbon-carnation08.jpg satin-ribbon-carnation01.jpg


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