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How to Make Your Own Organic Apple Cider Vinegar At Home

How to Make Your Own Organic Apple Cider Vinegar At Home!

Autumn is coming, which means it’s season of harvest, what will you do with your apples? Apple cider vinegar is perhaps the best choice out there! If you are going to add this vinegar to your food, it’s important that it is natural and raw. Thanks to Daily Nutrition News shared with us the way to DIY Apple Cider vinegar at home, you can prepare your own vinegar yourself! It’s simple and doesn’t cost you anything! Ferment some apple and your apple cider vinegar is ready!

Here are 2 methods to prepare your own organic vinegar. Use apple scraps in the first one and whole apples in the second is ready!

Method 1: Apple Scraps

Preserve the apple cores and peels to prepare this type of apple cider vinegar. Every day you eat apples, save all the scraps to make your vinegar. This is the faster of the two methods.

Ingredients & Items

  • Large, wide-mouthed bowl
  • Organic apple scraps
  • Cheesecloth (for protecting vinegar against dust, dirt and flies)

Preparation Process

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  1. We all know that cut apple turns brown when left outdoors! So let the scraps remain out in the open. Once they are brown, add them to the large bowl/jar. Fill the jar fully with water. Keep adding more and more scraps every day.
  2. Wrap the cheesecloth tightly around the bowl and leave it in a warm and dark room. Let it remain there for a number of days when you start noticing that the contents start thickening and a layer appears on the top. Once you notice this happening, stop adding apple scraps anymore.
  3. Now this may sound weird but let the mixture remain so for a month so that it can undergo the process of fermentation! Once it’s 1 month old taste it every day to check how strong it is. Once it has achieved the desired strength, strain off the fluid in a bottle.
  4. Use a paper filter to remove all the residue from the scraps because you will find some debris in the mixture.

Method 2: Whole Apples


If you don’t have patience is recommended to use the scraps method to prepare your organic vinegar. The whole-apple method will take more than half a year to let the apples ferment.

Ingredients & Items

  • Whole apples (organic) – 10
  • A large bowl
  • Cheesecloth

The method is almost the same as for apple scraps. But it takes more time and efforts.

  • Cut out quarters from the apples (leave them unpeeled)
  • Leave them out so that they turn brown
  • Add into the bowl and fill with water
  • Use the cheesecloth to cover the bowl
  • Keep it in a warm and dark room for 6 months

Check the mixture after 6 months and you will notice similar characteristics as in the first method. Remove the liquid into a bowl and cover it using a cheesecloth. Let it ferment for another month.

This will give you your organic and healthy apple cider vinegar!