How to Scramble Eggs Inside Shells

How to Scramble Eggs Inside Their Shells

If you are getting bored with the hard-boiled eggs? This nifty little video shows you how to mix up breakfast a little bit by scramble eggs directly in their shells. NightHawkInLight has showed us to wrap the egg in a towel before to scramble egg, and he upgrade his video using PVC pipe which you can check out if interested. The scrambling device used is an 8″ long section of 2″ diameter PVC pipe. The rope is thin nylon (you want to be sure it’s strong enough not to break on you!) and the handle is a short (~4″) section of 1/2″ diameter PVC pipe. This method works much more quickly and reliably with 3 eggs inside a time.

Here’s how it’s done, I love the idea, but maybe we can try to shake the egg directly.