How To Seal A Bag Of Chips Without Clip (Video)

How To Seal A Bag Of Chips Without Using A Bag ClipDo you stock up groceries as I do and open bags of thembut forget to seal them? Or even i seals them, they are still go stale after several days before I use again? Throw them in trash is a big waste of resources and money, you can save some of them by putting them in microwave or baking in oven for a while, but like the picture above, we sometime may leave the bag unsealed just because there is less inside or there is no clips at hands such as we are in theater or in a car. Now, we don’t have to, ’cause we CAN save it by rolling and sealing without any clips!

This is only a small trick to save the limited resources on earth, we need to do more by making a weekly meal plan, storing meats or vegetables in right ways so we won’t feel guilty when we dump the raw materials directly in trash can.

SF Globe

 shared with us this quick and simple trick to keep goods dry and fresh in less than 3 seconds, and here is how.