How to Turn White Cardboard into Designer Placemat in 10 minutes

turn ordinary cardboard in 10 min tutorial

The result of this project is a solid piece of cardboard with a beautiful pattern and pleasant touch texture. With such a napkin technique we can also produce colorful designer paper from ordinary office paper, white or colored. The detailed steps are as following:

1. Iron flat the napkin to remove wrinkles

2 . Then separate the top layer of napkins with patterns

3 . Lay food wrap film, the seperated top layer of napkin, then gauze

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4 . Carefully and slowly iron on the top. Do hold the iron at the corners and edges for a few seconds

5 . Turn over the cardboard, cut the extra along the cardboard with scissors

6. Again iron the board on the front and back sides to make sure it’s fixed.


  • Ordinary white cardboard for children’s crafts
  • Decorative napkin
  • Food wrap film
  • Scissors
  • gauze
  • Iron