Refashion White Sneakers With Laces into Chic Kicks


Refashion White Sneakers With Laces into Chic Kicks (Video)

Refashion White Sneakers With Laces and upgrade your plain sneakers on a budget. Sneakers are so popular for teens and all of us, yet it’s super easy for kids and teens to wear out a new pair of shoes, and you have to add new for them. While the price of shoes and clothing keeps going up. So if there is a way you can DIY new shoes similar to Branded ones, you will be proud of yourself how crafty you are and save money at the same time. Such as the lace sneakers, an amazing DIY project brought to us by What’s Up Moms, where she shows us how to make our own, personalized sneakers on a dime. Next time you or your kids want new trendy shoes, think if you can do it yourself before spending dozens of dollars in shoe store.


  • Plain, Canvas Sneakers
  • Fabric
  • Fabric Glue
  • Fabric Shears


 showed us this easy trick in her video below

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