Safety Expert Reveals 5 Tips to Stay Safe and Survive A Workplace Shooting

Safety Expert Reveals 5 Tips to Stay Safe and Survive A Workplace ShootingIs the danger of shooting far from us? We may think so but random cases still happen around us.  I live in California, and recent attack of San Bernardino shooting at a holiday party is still terrifying us. Heinous attacks like this have occurred in our schools and movie theaters as well.

Our heightened fear of the unexpected terrorist attack is not unrealistic.  As we have always participated in fire drills as a precautionary measure, it seems both logical and prudent, to have exercises to train people how to best survive a terrorist attack domestically.

If terror strikes during a work day, what tips or tricks can help you escape safely.   In the video you are about to watch below, safety expert Bill Stanton showed us ways you can reduce the risk if the unthinkable happens. He said to look for an exit and leave, if it’s not possible, hide. He suggests building a barricade if you are inside a conference room using flipped over tables to block the door.  He shows us how to place a belt on a door hinge to prevent the door from opening, in addition to using barricades and other utensils commonly found that will help to stop the attack.

Check out these Life-saving tips if the worst ever happens to you That Will Help You Stay Safe and Survive A Workplace Shooting. This Could Save Your Life!