She Puts a Little Cup in a Big Cup of Jell-O to Make Edible Jello Glasses

DIY Edible Jello Glasses with Plastic Cup

Oh, my god, I looove this idea, and cannot wait to have a try right now! What could be better than sipping a delicious beverage out of a brightly-colored glass and gobble up the glass after that?  Idunn Goddess

Makes it possible for all of us with this gummy cup idea. She shows us the best method to turn Jell-O (or your favorite gelatin) into a cup that will jiggle and wiggle without dropping your drink. Now is the idea what to put inside for this party fave: candies, gummies or ice cream for kids, drinks, juice, Margarita or cocktails for adults? Don’t forget to put fresh fruits or iced fruit for drinks!

Here is how: