How to Tie a shoelace in 2 seconds-Video

Hi friends, don’t chunk at me if I tell you how to tie a shoelace! Yes, we have tie our shoes ever since toddler age, we all know how to tie our shoes, but if we use our everyday time more judiciously? I love life hacks, and there are so many life hacks that can really help ease our lives. And this shoe hack will be your next show hack for sure. Let ‘bobbytv’ show you how to tie a shoelace in 2 seconds. What a way to shave off a couple of seconds off of your regular shoe tying routine.

Hack to Tie a shoelace in 2 seconds
Tie your laces as usual. Then use your pinkie fingers to grab a hold of the laces; makes loops with your thumbs – right thumb goes under, left thumb goes over the lace. At the end, just pinch the opposite loops and pull tight. Voila! Both shoes have been tied and you have just saved yourself some extra time, in case you were running late!

Check out this awesome shoe lace life hack, try several times and use it next time!