Turn Flashlight into Black Light with Your Smartphone – Video

How to Turn flashlight into Black Light with 3 Regular Household ItemsHe Grabs 2 Sharpies And Colors In His Smartphone’s Flash. The Result? Love this brilliant trick to DIY black light at home. Black Light can be used for spectacular photography or just for having some photographic fun, but if you just want to try out a quick trick for testing your home for bacteria there is a way to do it for a couple of cents. You don’t have to spend a lot of time or cost a whole lot of money to get black lights, Here is an amazing blacklight DIY where you can identify the microbes present anywhere using simple tips with your smartphone with a light, three pieces of small tape and two sharpies (One blue, one purple).

Here is how:

  1. First, you take the tape and fold it on the ends, so it pulls off easily.
  2. Then take the first piece of tape, put it over the camera flash on the back of your phone. Color that tape blue. Repeat this step again.
  3. After you’ve put both layers of tape onto the flash or light of your camera, put the third and final layer on top of that one.  This is where you pull out your purple Sharpie and paint that sucker in. Go crazy.

This nifty DIY ultraviolet light has lots of practical and fun uses. Eg: Counterfeit bills can be easily detected with a black light. Plastic security threads will appear under UV light in legitimate bills. Additionally, the threads will glow different colors depending on denomination. For instance, a $5 bill will be blue, a $20 bill shows up green and a $100 note glows pink.Turn Flashlight into Black Light with Your Smartphone

Your DIY black light can also be helpful if you have any pets. Sometimes accidents happen, and it can be difficult to identify the exact spot. A black light, however, will quickly illuminate the problem.

Here is the video: