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20+ Fab Art DIY Free Crochet Owl Patterns

20+ Owls free crochet pattern for baby and everyone. Owls are positively irresistible! They are seen as wise and to be honest they just look so adorable with their big sleepy eyes. Their large eyes will capture your imagination while they fly through the night. Here is a round up of this cute and lovely owl crochet patterns that you will love to make anytime you want.

DIY Crochet Owls Free Patterns Roundup

1. Owl Amigurumi – Mr Murasaki

DIY Crocheted Owls Free Patterns3

Free Pattern and tutorial:

2. Crochet Owl Slippers

FabArtDIY Crocheted Owls Free Patterns14

More free pattern and video: Fab Art DIY

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3. Crochet OwlDIY Crocheted Owls Free Patterns1

Free pattern:

4. Crochet Baby Owl

DIY Crocheted Owls Free Patterns2

Free pattern:

5. Little Crochet Owls

DIY Crocheted Owls Free Patterns4

Free pattern: Dada’s place &

6. Crochet Bonbon the owl

FabArtDIY Crocheted Owls Free Patterns18

Free pattern: