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DIY Miniature Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden Ideas and Projects

DIY Wheel Barrow Fairy Garden Ideas Tutorials Instruction Video

Find some old rustic wheelbarrow lying in the corner? Time to make it shine again and turn it into a miniature garden! You would probably agree with us that thiese DIY miniature wheelbarrow gardens are very cute. Fairy Gardens add a magical and whimsical touch to your home and there are so many ways to present them. You can create your very own or with the imagination with your kids together, using all the unwanted household items, rocks, toys to raise up your little gardeners. Check out how to make something like it in the following links by Scrolling down and check out all the ideas!

You can make your own wheel barrel with woods or pallets with instructions below:DIY Pallet Wheelbarrow Planter Tutorial Video

DIY Pallet Wheelbarrow Planter Tutorial Video

Or simply recycle your old metal barrow by painting the outside. Look at what Red Shed Vintage has done!

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DIY Miniature Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden ideas with Tutorial

Red shed vintage – DIY miniature wheelbarrow garden

DIY Miniature Wheel Barrow Fairy Garden Tutorial f

BHG –  Plant Up a Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden

DIY Miniature Secret Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden Tutorial - video

The Seasonal Home – Secret Fairy Garden in an Upcycled Wheelbarrow (Video)

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