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DIY Wacky Hairstyle Tutorials For Crazy Hair Day!

It’s the end of school year, and kids are celebrating the graduation and a whole party next week. Crazy hair is one of the theme party, guess many other schools have the same celebration. I have shared a collection of DIY Little Girls Hairstyles you can style your little girls. This DIY horn could be used as a Halloween hairstyle, or for crazy hair day. Looking for a unicorn horn to go with your “My Little Pony” or horse costume? Why not use your own hair?! As mentioned in our video, you can make your “tail” sleek, or more voluminous. Curls, crimping, and teasing could add some extra texture if you are looking for more volume. Spray in hair color could also be added to go with your mystical creature look. In this video tutorial, we also show a great technique for wrapping hair around the top of your ponytail for a pretty every day style… when you aren’t dressing up as a unicorn. As another fun option, if you would rather style a “mane” to go with your unicorn look, you could make a series of messy buns, a pull-through braid, a french/dutch braid, curls, or faux hawk behind your horn instead of the ponytail.

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DIY Unicorn Hairstyle Tutorials For Crazy Hair Day!

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DIY Wacky Hairstyle Tutorials For Crazy Hair Day!

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