Simple Stretch To Release Knee Pain And Protect Your Knees


Knees pains? You may think you are still too young to have such pain happen to yourself, but some of my friends have at my age!! Increditable, but it can happen, show legs not only in Summer but in winter or cold night, improper or over-exercises makes life take a serious toll on our joints. I personally purchased Move-Free Joint Health Supplement  as well as TripleFlex Triple Strength as many friends and family asked me to bright them back to release the pain, it works somehow, especially for the aged. While for some young peels, seniors and all ages,  Jill Miller, founder of Yoga Tune Up, has the stretch for you that will loosen up your knees immediately. As Miller explains in the video below, you’ll need hand or dish towel to start stretching.  It was rather eye-opening for me to see how many patients came through my department complaining of knee pain and injury. If you’d prefer to preserve or improve your knee’s strength, try this easy stretch into your routine.

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Simple Stretch To Release Knee Pain And Protect Your Knees

Here is how:

  1. Take a seat and place your heel on the edge of the chair you’re sitting on.
  2. Fold the towel and place it behind your knee as close to the joint as possible.
  3. Put weight in your heel, then wrap your hands around your shin and give it a good tug while contracting your calf and hamstring muscles. Flex and release your leg muscles so that the knee squeezes, then releases, pressure onto the towel. Miller says this should help to stretch and “create space” in your knee.

It’s simple and take only 10 counts per side, nothing lose to try. But for all my friends, I still recommend to keep warm of your knees when you are show off your legs! :).  Share this stretch with your marathon buddies or those people in your life who always seem to be complaining about their knee pains. Let’s watch how easy it is:

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Video Credit: OWN

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