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DIY Plant Pots Water Fountain Tutorial

Having water features in your home and garden is considered to be good for family “QI” and will bring you fountain as many Fengshui master says, no matter it’s true or not, having a running water fountain in room or garden can be a source of calm and tranquility for many. Decorating the garden and yard is something that a lot of people put off, but you can really do a lot of great things with your outdoor space yourself. A small fountain will always be a good addition to bring life and happiness to your yard. Marie Blackburn posted a fun and simple tutorial of pot fountain at interior frugalista, which is even great for the patio or front porch. This plant pot is easy, clean to decorate your backyard, garden or even patio.

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DIY Plant Pots Water Fountain Tutorial

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Plant Pots to Water Fountain