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How to Make Living Succulent Picture Wall Decor

Make Living Succulent Picture Wall Decor with Picture Frames or Framed Planters. While the space is getting smaller in the city or new built house, the trend of urban gardening has been spreading, more and more vertical garden DIY ideas are getting popular.Cara and Will Meyers, owners of DIG, are vertical garden experts. Their Living Succulent Picture is an outstanding combination of colors and textures and an ideal space saver. And most importantly,it’s not too demanding!

How to Make Living Succulent Picture wall

If you have a small flat or terrace but you still want an impressive plant decoration you must go for this project. A neat tutorial on Living Succulent Picture is here:

How to Make Living Succulent Picture

BHG : Make A Living Succulent Picture

DIY Succulent Frame Wall Tutorial - add spanish moss

How to Make Living Succulent Picture Wall

Succulent Living Wall Tutorial via Luna See

You don’t have to make the frame full of succulent, the hanging succulent at the bottom of the frame is just as perfect as they are going out of it. So pretty!

DIY Succulent Garden Wall Decor Tutorial

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Tutorial Via

Make it More Personalized with Letters and Even Words:

DIY Wall-Mounted Succulent Letter Tutorial

Tutorial Via:

Arrange different types of succulents to make them in pattern and create a green succulent wall:

DIY Succulent Garden Wall Decor in Pattern

Image: Sarahruby Design

DIY Wall-Mounted Succulent Planter:

Make your own framed planter for succulent and mount them onto garden or balcony walls.

DIY Wall-Mounted Succulent Planter

Tutorial with Video Via Lowes

 This Succulent Ball will look so beautiful hanging in your backyard.

Wire 2 Garden Baskets together and create a gorgeous Succulent Ball!

 This Succulent Ball will look beautiful in your backyard