10 Amazing Life Hacks That Will Change Your Life

10 Amazing Life Hacks That Will Change Your Life Right Now

I am getting addicted to all those tricks and life hacks, which makes my life so much easier, and I am always trying to learn something new.  Youtuber Giant Thompson is going to share with us 10 random and ridiculous life hacks you’ll wish you knew before. And I bet you will love all of them as I do.

In this video you’ll see how to:

  1. Automatically block ads on smartphone apps and games
  2. Avoid the “walk of shame” at the gas pump
  3. Start your grill with potato chips
  4. Peel a Kiwi the fastest and easiest way
  5. Boost the chances of finding your phone if it ever gets lost
  6. Win the battle between hot and cold in the shower
  7. Effortlessly keep your tie straight and in place
  8. Keep kitchen rolls in place when wrapping up leftovers
  9. Get a better nights sleep without the cost of expensive pillows
  10. Turn your plastic bags into an instant bag dispenser

Boost the chances of finding a lost phone, and sleep better starting tonight, with 10 life-changing lifehacks you can use right now.