Camping Hack: How to Make Fire With Lemon

Nails into Lemon, I thought this guy is playing with lemon when I saw the picture, and never thought of a useful survival skill that we can use it someday if you go hiking on mountains or camping in the wild. Lemon juice is a good electrolyte, which makes the tangy fruit a perfect fire starter. While theare are all these Camping Tips and Gadgets You’ll Love This Summer, you may still need some survival skills in the wild. In this video, NorthSurvival sticks his electrodes (zinc nails and copper clips) into the lemon and connects them in series (positive to negative) to one another, leaving the ends free for wires. Touching the exposed wire leads together in the steel wool completes the circuit and causes sparks to ignite the toilet paper into a small fire.

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Camping Hack: How to Make Fire With Lemon

While most people don’t have fresh lemons and may not have zinc nails and copper plugs on hand, this is still a smart trick to know. At least a perfect scientific experiment for kids to learn electro-chemical reactions and circuitry.

Swedish-based YouTuber North Survival demonstrates this awesome survival tip that you don´t want to miss. Learn it by watching the clip above, and subscribe to his channel for more lessons. Check it out.

Credit: YouTube