DIY Recycled CD Lamp (Video)

DIY CD Lamp from old CDs Tutorial

I guess you might have spools of CD-Rs laying in the corner as we do. Perhaps we need to try making some cool desk lamp like this one.

DIY CD Lamp from old CDs

Creator Jim Watters had already proven his DIY geek cred with his first CD Lamp, but this second version improves on the first design by adding a plug-in feature and a brighter lamp. For all the details of making your own, read Jim’s  step-by-step directions here:

DIY CD Lamp Tutorial

Here’s video how Jim made his cool CD lamp:

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Instructables also have an awesome tutorial on making the CD lamp even more sustainable:

DIY CD Lamp from old CDs Tutorial

DIY CD Lamp from old CDs Tutorial

You may need some tools to help you complete the CD lamp above, they are so beautiful but may take some time, if you want to make an easy stack CD lamp without any tool involved, you may love this from Hackaday.