DIY Cascading Flower Pallet Planter Box

This awesome cascading planter is a great way to add tons of color to your yard! One place where wooden pallets look great at is inside your garden. For those of you with green thumbs, there are tons of ways to incorporate plants and flowers with these pallets that will really make your yard stick out. Amy Baesler has recently shared a new project that shows just how well wooden pallets and home gardens go together.

DIY Cascading Pallet Planter Box

Amy shares the tips on her blog Her Tool Belt to create a pallet planter box with fully flower booming around.

Supplies we need:

  • 2 pallets
  • a hole saw
  • a drill
  • screws
  • packing peanuts.

Start by building the legs and attaching the bottom piece, attaching legs can be easy, we can also recycled old stool or chair for this project, too.

DIY Cascading Pallet Planter Box
Use packing peanuts as filler inside the planter if the garden box is too big so you can use less dirt instead. We can use rocks and stones, too. But Peanuts tends to lock more water for plants to grow.
DIY Cascading Pallet Planter Box

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