DIY Cattle Panel Squash Arch Tutorial

Build squash arch is one kind of trellis you will love to grow plants vertically. Just like Growing Your Living Green Teepee Playhouse For Kids Summer Fun. While people experiment with different flowering plants and even vegetables in their garden, squash is something that they tend to generally stay away from. Me, too. But we tried again this year to plant the squash and it took over the entire ground (little spaces we have only) and we are in urgent need to solve this messy situation in control. We have tried the way to use PVC To Build a Squash Arch, and there is one problem that heavy squash hanging down and pull the vine, we neglect to support the squash, and this cattle panel is good way to solve the problem, and it’s good that I add it as the arch doorway to our patio, and grow squash at both sides. And the cost is less than expected.

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DIY Cattle Panel Squash Arch Tutorial

I stumbled the tutorial from ‘s blog and follow exactly to build own own. The PVC pipe is really a big challenge to bend over, do wish I am still in my hometown where there are bamboo sticks available, easier to get the job down. The cattle panel cost only a few bucks, and the remaining task is fairly easy for my husband to wire on. You can get the tutorial via the link below if you prefer this, too.

DIY PVC Cattle Panel Squash Arch Tutorial

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