DIY Lace Concrete Planter Tutorial

We have some doily projects for home decoration before, and today we are going to share another new and different way to reuse your crochet doilies you have been lying around the house, you can soak them in cement to create a unique and personal piece of home or garden planter decoration.

DIY Crochet Cement Lace Doily Planter Tutorial

Main Supplies you need:

  • Doilies.
  • Concrete bonding additive
  • Portland cement (Not concrete or mortar)
  • Dust mask
  • Molds
  • Other cement working supplies

How to:

First, prepare your containers in any shape you want, such as a plate or a bowl, cover the bottom with paper and plastic sheet (food wrap also works.)

  1. Sift 5 parts Portland cement into a container, add water and mix until there are no lumps.
  2. Add 1 part concrete bonding additive.
  3. Add about half part water to begin with and mix.
  4. When the mix get the bat looking, it’s ready to put your doily in, be sure to soak it thoroughly with both sides.

DIY Crochet Cement Lace Doily Planter Tutorial-dip