DIY Concrete Towel Planter Pot (Video)

DIY Concrete Towel Planter (Video)

DIY Concrete Towel Planter Pot for your porch, patio and doorway. Whenever the season is, we love to decorate our homes and garden with green plants and flowers. We may go to Lowe’s or other nursery stores to get a ready-to-go planter, but if you don’t want to make everything the same as your neighbors, you can go creative to make your own using just cement, an old towel, and a bucket.

This towel planter is interesting and fun to make. First, mix up your cement by adding water to the ready-mix concrete in the proper ratio. place the towel over a bucket and make sure any wrinkles on top are flattened. This is important so that the towel has a flat bottom when hardened.

Let the towel dry for 24-48 hours, to make sure it’s completely hardened. The thickness of both the towel and concrete affect the drying time. The towel must be allowed to cure completely or it will eventually lose its shape. Then turn it upside down, remove the bucket

DIY Concrete Towel Planter (Video)

Let’s see how Kims Garden make this planter in her video:

Check out the full tutorial via The Rustic Willow:

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DIY Concrete Planter