Rustic DIY Pallet Wheelbarrow Planter Free Plan (Video)

DIY Pallet Wheelbarrow Planter Tutorial Video

If you’re looking for decorative new planter ideas for your garden, look no further! We’re pleased to present a tutorial demonstrating how to create your very own miniature wheelbarrow planter all from a single pallet!This project uses minimal tools, so it’s perfect for those who are beginner to DIY. This project can be completed in a single afternoon as the vertical planter we did before with almost no cost!

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DIY Vertical Planter from a single Pallet

When you’re finished, fill this cute project with your favorite flowers. The best part is, it’s a working wheelbarrow, so you can easily move it to wherever you need it–even with heavy soil in it!

Steven Ramsey also shares with us free PDF plans for this project that you can download on his website here:

 Free DIY Pallet Wheelbarrow Plans

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