Fab Ideas on DIY Edible Flower and Fruit Ice Tubes


creative-ideas-on-ice-cubes01.jpg creative-ideas-on-ice-cubes02.jpg creative-ideas-on-ice-cubes03.jpg creative-ideas-on-ice-cubes04.jpg creative-ideas-on-ice-cubes05.jpg creative-ideas-on-ice-cubes06.jpg creative-ideas-on-ice-cubes07.jpg creative-ideas-on-ice-cubes08.jpg creative-ideas-on-ice-cubes09.jpg creative-ideas-on-ice-cubes10.jpg creative-ideas-on-ice-cubes11.jpg

Are you having a bunch of your girlfriends over for party? These ice cubes are the little things that really count.  Can you just picture these little beauties floating around some brew? Fab life is easy as this can be. Here I find a way of making ice cube flowers for your reference, hope you get inspired from it.

Salted and Styled – Edible flower ice cubes