Fab Lunchbox Ideas – Artistic Mom Turns Meals into Masterpieces

Fun lunchbox idea
Fun-lunchbox-idea3.jpg Fun-lunchbox-idea1.jpg Fun-lunchbox-idea2.jpg Fun-lunchbox-idea4.jpg Fun-lunchbox-idea5.jpg

Fun-lunchbox-idea6.jpg Fun-lunchbox-idea7.jpg Fun-lunchbox-idea8.jpg Fun-lunchbox-idea9.jpg Fun-lunchbox-idea10.jpg Fun-lunchbox-idea11.jpg Fun-lunchbox-idea12.jpg Fun-lunchbox-idea13.jpg Fun-lunchbox-idea14.jpg Fun-lunchbox-idea15.jpg Fun-lunchbox-idea16.jpg
Lee Samantha is a Malaysian mother who creates whimsical, colorful, imaginative and healthy meals for her two young daughters and half a million followers around the world. Samantha’s approach is fuss free and imaginative, using simple tools to create her food artworks. She doesn’t believe in wasting food and is a strong believer of utilizing fresh and healthy ingredients.

To keep up with her latest food artworks, be sure to check her out at the links below where you will find an impressive gallery of food creations along with a list of the ingredients used.

Lee Samantha – Gallery