Beauty Hack: Fix Broken Powder With One Simple Trick

She Fixes Her Broken Powder With One Simple Trick.

You’ll love this useful and super helpful beauty Hack to fix broken powder with one simple trick that you never thought of. Did you ever find you loved makeup powder got broken into “powder” after putting in the handbag for days, how frustrating it can be! I usually dump it with heart-broken (the makeup powder, foundations and eye makeup palettes that I tried so many times to make it match perfect for my face makeup! Ohh…). Luckily a friend told me that there’s a simple and easy solution to fix broken powder using one ingredient – alcohol, I am so excited to search and share with you all so you can restore it back to normal, too.

First, she removed all the powder from the case and puts it into a plastic zip-lock bag. Then, she smashes it, so there are no clumps. Next, she puts the ground up powder back into the makeup case. That’s when she adds a cap full of alcohol and stirs it into the powder. Then you set aside and let it dry overnight.

Super easy, right, here is a video to show us more details: