How to Grow Rose from Cutting in Potatoes Easily

We have so many garden projects and gardening tips. You know when to expand your rose garden? The best time to plant rose is throughout autumn and from late winter to early spring.  Did you ever see this way to grow roses in potatoes? It looks crazy for me at the first sight, but seems it works really well. Before planting rose cutting, push the bottom end into a small potato, which keeps the cuttings moist as they develop roots, this is reasonable, and worthy a try for a new home owner to beautify your garden with roses!!

Gardening tip: Grow Rose from Cutting in potatoes Easily tutorial - video

Here is the directions:

  1. Dig a trench 6in (15cm) deep; place an inch or two of sharp sand in the bottom.
  2. Choose a stem – about the thickness of a pencil – from the rose you wish to propagate.
  3. The cutting should be about 9in (23cm) long. Cut just below a bud at the base.
  4. Insert each cutting so that it is two-thirds buried, making sure that its base is well into the sharp sand. Firm the sand around the base, to exclude as much air as possible. Cuttings should be set about 6in (15cm) apart.
  5. Replace soil into the trench and firm it in place; don’t damage the cuttings as you do this. Keep the cuttings watered throughout summer. By November they should have rooted well and be ready for transplanting.

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We have heard many readers saying that they have tried this trick out of all garden tips, but with result of getting potatoes grown out rather than rose. I suggest to use baby potatoes. Youtube channel Ask Fate shares the quick way to propagate rose plants in potatoes.

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