How to Check and Avoid Bed Bugs in Hotel

My girl is of sensitive skin, she kept scratching her legs after we stayed the night in the hotel near the beach! So crazy!. As you may or may not know, bed bugs are SO hard to get rid of (if you find bed bugs, you have to either throw out or clean all of your clothing and furniture, and may have to encase your belongings in plastic coverings to prevent re-infestation). So after searching the google, here are some tips to prevent these creepy crawly creatures from following you home after vacation. This video offers some excellent tips for finding bed bugs and preventing them from getting on you. And while the process of avoiding them may seem a little exhausting, it seems well worth the effort to remain bug-free.

How to Check for and Avoid Creepy Crawly Bed Bugs

Here is a video on how you can check and Prevent:

These Tips may also help you for your next trip outside:

(1) Put all of your luggage on the hotel luggage rack: Don’t put luggage on the floor or bed! Bed bugs can easily embed themselves in carpet and a luggage rack can prevent bed bug infestations.

(2) Check your bed for bed bugs: Bed bug droppings/remains are visible to the eye and appear as rusty, reddish stains. Pull away the bedding to look at the sheets. If you have time, check the crevices of the bed (mattress, pillows, etc.). If you are unsure, don’t hesitate to ask to switch rooms. It is better to be safe than sorry!

(3) Bed bugs can hide in the seams of fabrics (such as chairs and drapes)…if you have time, check those, too!!

(4) Keep your bags in a separate place from others’ bags because bed bugs gravitate towards clutter!. If the luggage rack is not free, try to put your luggage on a dresser or end table to avoid the carpet, bed, or drapes.

(5) Use plastic bins: This one may be challenging during travel. However, if you can bag toiletries and other items in plastic baggies (like sandwich baggies- do it!). This gives bed bugs less places to crawl.

(6) Know what bed bug bites look like: According to The American Academy of Dermatology, bed bug bites appear in clusters and zig zag patterns. If welts appear on your skin, the best option is to see a dermatologist.

(7) Use your nose: bed bugs give off a sweet smell (sometimes a musty odor). If your nose is offended, there may be something wrong.