How to DIY Chic Water Mable Nail Art Tutorial

chic water marble nail art

chic-water-marble-nail-art01.jpg Water-Marble-Picture02.jpg Water-Marble-Picture03.jpg Water-Marble-Picture04.jpg Water-Marble-Picture05.jpg Water-Marble-Picture06.jpg Water-Marble-Picture07.jpg Water-Marble-Picture08.jpg Water-Marble-Picture09.jpg

Water marble nail is a nail art technique consisting of dropping nail lacquers into clear water creating a pattern on the surface which is then transferred to the nail. It creates a fantastic look but it’s a tricky technique to master, it can be very messy so I suggest to use simple pattern with large surface to start. Before starting, try to either rub vaseline onto the skin around your nail bed or tape it, so when you dip your finger into the water you can remove the polish from your skin easily. Enjoy~

Image from: chole’s nails

Nail for the mani:

  • Sally Hansen Gray Area
  • OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender
  • China Glaze White on White