How to DIY Cute Paper Basket for Storage or Gifts

How to DIY Cute Paper Basket for Storage or Gifts

Here is an simple and cute paper basket for home organizer or special gift delivery. To make this basket you have to score a 6×6 inch piece of card stock at 2 and 4 inches. Turn it and score again at the same dimensions of 2 and 4 inches. Make cuts in the middle as shown at the lines of 2 and 4 inches. Cut the middle part in triangle shapes and divide and cut the two sides in three parts each. Reduce and cut the length of the outer two strips at both the sides. Start bringing the flaps together as shown and in the end bring the triangle flaps over them. Glue folded circles to the flaps and a basket is ready. You can also attach two strips with brads to make the handles, and paper flowers for decoration.

Materials you may need:

  • 6×6 square carstock or designer paper
  • 2 one half x 6 inch strips of cardstock or designer paper
  • scoring tool
  • scissors
  • 1″ circle punch
  • corner rounder
  • 4 brads
  • adhesive

If you wanna make yourself, you can read more from this link:

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