How to DIY Edible Veggie House Salad

Veggie Lodge

Wouldn’t you like to nibble, nibble, gnaw on this little house?! This Veggie house salad will definitely be a fab addition to your holiday table or any time you wanna surprise your friends and family! You can add other ingredients with this idea, too.

Here is what used to make our veggie lodge:

Six 8″- carrot logs (One for front, five for back)
Eight 5″- carrot logs (sides of lodge)
Eight 3″- carrot logs (front)
Eight 1 1/4″ – short spacer logs (by front door)
Four 1 1/2″ – carrot logs (to create side window opening)
Three 7″ -carrot log rafters
Sixteen 6″ – 7″ long stalks of celery (for roof)

The foam core board gable ends measure 8″x 6″ x 6″
The foam core board floor/base measures 8″ x 5″ (plus extra on the back for chimney if desired)

The window is made out of a slice of turnip.

Use toothpicks if necessary, in addition to cream cheese mortar to fasten cucumbers and celery.
Use bamboo skewers for stacking chimney mushroom “stones.”

All credit from Green Giant.