How to DIY Pretty Carrot Flowers for Dish Garnish


diy-perfect-carrot-flowers-for-salads-garnish-2.jpg diy-perfect-carrot-flowers-for-salads-garnish-3.jpg diy-perfect-carrot-flowers-for-salads-garnish-4.jpg diy-perfect-carrot-flowers-for-salads-garnish-5.jpg diy-perfect-carrot-flowers-for-salads-garnish-6.jpg diy-perfect-carrot-flowers-for-salads-garnish-7.jpg diy-perfect-carrot-flowers-for-salads-garnish-8.jpg

Cucumber, carrot or radish are common elements for dish garnish, due to the bright color of carrot, it’s used more often by chef to make beautiful flowers or animals for dish display. You can put the carrot into salt water before cutting, so they are not just for decorating, but edible, wanna try?


  • Carrot
  • Salt water (optional)
  • Knife
  • Toothpick