How to DIY Pumpkin Vase or Planter

How to DIY Fab Pumpkin Vase or PlanterFresh pumpkins are super fun to decorate with around Halloween and even Thanksgiving. This vase made out of a pumpkin is incredibly easy to make and provides a pretty place to put seasonal flowers. All you need to do is hollow out a hole in the pumpkin the size of your vase container (you can use a can, a cup, or a shot glass for smaller pumpkins). Once the hole is hollow put the container inside, fill with a little water and place your flowers for an easy fall time decoration.

How to DIY Fab Pumpkin Vase or Planter

This is an easiest way to make pumpkin vase, all you need to do is cut the top part of the pumpkin and remove the seeds, then place a bowl or other container you need inside before arranging flowers (Image Source: proflowers).

How to DIY Fab Pumpkin Vase or PlanterYou may have the doubt as I did that how long will the pumpkin last? Will it get mold? Well, you may have some trick if you have experience for your pumpkin lattern. Or you can try this add bleach inside to attempt to keep the mold away and keep the planter from rotting right away (Souce: baptismalgownsplus)

How to DIY Fab Pumpkin Vase or Planter

Or make or carve a pumpkin face for Halloween~ Having fun there~

You can get the perfect pumpkin centerpiece tutorial from meaniegreene:

Tutorial: Pumpkin Flower Arrangement