How to Grow Date Palm from Seeds (Video)

How to Grow Date Palm from Seeds

Date palm can be great inhouse plant before moving outdoors. They add pretty green for home, and it is easy to get the fresh palm seeds (after eating dates) from most supermarkets in US.

How to Grow Date Palm from Seeds


  1. Soak the seeds for 24 to 48 hours. Change the water once or twice and use a sharp knife or tweezers to pick off any bits of fruit flesh.
  2. Put vermiculite into a plastic sandwich box (or plastic bag). Sprinkle on a couple of teaspoons of water. Then pop in the seeds and mix them in.
  3. Seal the box or bag and put it in the warm conditions
  4. Check the seeds every few days. Only if the vermiculite is very dry, add a few more drops of water. Wait until the seeds sprout…
  5. Plant the seeds into little pots of compost. Bury them just beneath the surface and water carefully (don’t drown them!)
  6. Keep warm and wait. How to Grow Date Palm from Seeds

You can check the easy tutorial via personal u-net and video below:

Grow A Date Palm from Seeds

Youtube – Growing Date Palms from Seeds