How to Make Clean Green Bean Sprout at Home


diy-green-bean-sprout02.jpg diy-green-bean-sprout03.jpg diy-green-bean-sprout04.jpg diy-green-bean-sprout05.jpg


  1. Put green beans in water for 8 hours
  2. Lay kitchen paper towel on the bottom of the container (1 or 2 layers) for the purpose of absorbing the water and preventing the decay of sprout root.
  3. lay the wet green bean evenly on the paper towel
  4. Spray water on green bean to make the towel wet- make sure no extra water under paper towel
  5. Cover the container with newspaper in shade.
  6. Spray water once /morning and evening
  7. Cut the root when ready

Materials you may need:

  • container
  • green bean
  • water
  • kitchen paper towel
  • scissors
  • sprayer
  • Newspaper