How To Make Fab Lemon Detox Diet that Really Works

How To Make Lemon Detox Diet that Really Works

There are so many toxins from the fast food, the air that can get into your body system. I found an amazing article showing how to get rid of the toxins with a lemon detox diet at by Aurora Geib. It is fabulous Lemon Detox Diet that really works around our friends!

This is the classic single serve homemade recipe provided in Stanley Burrough’s book:

  • 2 (tbs). of lemon or lime
  • 2 (tbs). of genuine maple syrup
  • 1/10 tsp cayenne pepper
  • 10 oz. water (hot or cold as preferred)

Before start, I strongly recommend you head over natural news for this master cleanse on how you can start eliminating the toxins from your body:

The lemon detox diet & The Master Clean Official Site