Travel hack: How to Pack a Carry On Like A Boss

Do you know this packing trick - How to Pack a Carry On Like A Boss

No matter you are a frequent flyer, or going out for vocation once in a while, as long as you need to stay week long, you will confront with the problem of packing the suitcase or luggage in an efficient way. This video from Travel Noire has a packing method that you should check out. The cool how-to video helps you in getting around this problem in a super-smart and ultra-easy fashion and it will definitely change the way you pack forever!

This “bundle up and carry on” way keeps really uncomplicated by creating one giant bundle of clothes in an organized order. All of your stuff will end up wrinkle free and will fit nice and snug.

How to Pack a Carry On Like A Boss

You start off with coats, sweaters and formal shirts and move on to tees and undergarments. Shirts are placed in a vertical fashion while the pants are lined up horizontally. At at its center place the stack of undergarments neatly rolled into a t-shirt. Just pile it all up and then roll things in and you have one single bundle that fits nicely into a carry-on bag.

The video below is indeed a must watch for everyone struggling with baggage blues, let’s check out how: