DIY Weave Two Color Trilobite Bar Cuff Bracelet Tutorial-Video

If you love paracord challenge, you might want some DIY Paracord Survival Bracelet fun. Today we are going to share another woven cuff bracelet, the Trilobite Bar, a great way to use as hairband, watchband, hairband, bracelet and belt etc. We also have a number of bracelet projects on our sites that you can check them out, and I do recommend the DIY Macrame Leaf Friendship Bracelets with Video. It’s really simple to weave. You can also use cord, leather, or other fabric stripes as materials for different style, in the same or contrast colors.

DIY Two Color Trilobite Bar Paracord Cuff Bracelet Tutorial-Video

Remarkably Domestic shares the fabulous tutorial on making this paracord cuff bracelet using 2 strings of cords, easy and fun to craft after from childhood.

Here is the video tutorial:

Video: How to Weave Two Color Trilobite Bar

The leaf bracelets are just too fabulous to personalize with different cords and bead embellishments, check out how to DIY Macrame Leaf Friendship Bracelets below:DIY Macrame Leaf Friendship Bracelets (Video)

DIY Macrame Leaf Friendship Bracelets (Video)